Yearbook Tips & Ideas

Remembering COVID-19

How to Document History Through Your Yearbook.
Preserve This Unique Time

Yearbook Ideas: 16 Tips on How to Cover the Yearbook When School is Closed

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15 Creative Page and Section Ideas

Take your yearbook up a notch so it really captures the spirit of your school.
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Great Theme Designs You'll Want to Steal

Here are some of the coolest yearbook themes we’ve seen around the internet to give you some inspiration.
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Managing Your Project

How to make the online yearbook process as clear, painless, and uncomplicated as possible.
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Let Students Take Charge

Students will want to jump right in, but take some time to do team-building, teaching about mission statements, and understanding the overall vision.
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Crunch Time Help

Tips to get you through as deadlines approach.
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50 Yearbook Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Make your yearbook memorable with these simple but effective suggestions.
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