15 Great Yearbook Theme Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

If you’ve decided to take part in the crazy, stressful, really rewarding but really time-consuming world of building a school yearbook, congratulations—you must be very brave. Here are some of the coolest yearbook themes we’ve seen around the internet to give you some inspiration!

1. Superheroes are Always a Good Idea

This style capitalizes on the current trend of comic books being made into blockbuster movies. From Wonder Woman to Iron Man, every student in your school can find a hero of their own.

Source: Remember Me Yearbooks

2. Quotes Galore

Whether you get quotes from the student body or just create inspirational messages for the students as a yearbook team, this theme is very popular right now. Giving your student body the chance to add something personal to the yearbook is a way to make it more meaningful and important to every student.

3. Emojis Everywhere

Our students are communicating with emojis more than ever, so why not create a yearbook theme that they’ll readily identify with? The possibilities of fun pages, great action shots with hysterical captions, and using real and invented emojis are endless!

Source: Remember Me Yearbooks

4. A Love of Literature

Got a novel or poem that every student in school has to read? Look to it for inspiration! Students will love a “stay gold” or “to thine own self be true” theme that relates to them and reminds them of a little bit of the work they did in school.

Source: ByScatterbrain

5. Gamify It

Nostalgia and yearbooks go together like bacon and eggs. Peanut butter and jelly. Study hall and sleep! Play off of your students’ fond memories of game nights and slumber parties with a yearbook homage to the board games they grew up playing. We found inspiration from this classroom door, but we know you can use this great idea for a yearbook theme, too!

Source: Karen Wagner

6. Star Light, Star Bright

It’s a classic for a reason—you really can’t go wrong comparing your students to stars. They’re bright. They’re beautiful. And a yearbook is often the one place where every student gets a moment or two to shine.

Source: Remember Me Yearbooks

7. Watercolor Magic

Watercolor art is big right now. It’s popping up on clothing, in art projects around school, and in decorations on school walls. So it’s only logical to consider it for a yearbook theme. The colors are beautiful and versatile. The theme can be mature or whimsical. And, perhaps best of all, it’s a theme that looks fabulous without a lot of fuss. This is perfect for the yearbook editor who needs to pull together a cohesive draft in a hurry!

Source: Remember Me Yearbooks

8. Let Your School Inspire

Have amazing artists in your building? Consider your school’s murals and student art work as a possible theme throughout the book. You can read this school’s story for some added inspiration. Have students submit their own proposals for art for the cover of your school’s yearbook and let it truly be something they created.

Source: Upworthy

9. Confetti and Kindness

Confetti is another easy but versatile design idea, and kindness is a wonderful theme. (Yes, we’re throwing in two ideas here.) Think about how much fun your students can have incorporating these two ideas together throughout the yearbook. Confetti makes a fun design idea, and kindness will inspire lots of relevant quotes to include throughout the yearbook.

Source: acupcakefortheteacher

10. A Fairy-tale Ending

Feel like doing something a bit “outside the box”? A fairy-tale yearbook theme might be worth looking into. Fairy-tale themed proms have been popular recently, so why not capitalize on your students’ love for classic stories of good overcoming evil and heroes and heroines risking it all for what is right? We all know yearbooks tell a story—but this theme will help you take that to a new level.

11. Classic and Cool

If you feel your school wants a more traditional feeling yearbook, have no fear. There are lots of beautiful options that keep it classic but modern.

Source: Remember Me Yearbooks

12. Inspiration from Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss has always been a source of great wisdom. For this theme, we suggest featuring Dr. Seuss quotes and ideas inspired by him. Combined with a colorful, whimsical design, it’s sure to be a hit. (Remember, you can’t use his art because it’s copyrighted, but you can still use quotes, designs influenced by him, and Dr. Seuss-like color schemes!) Here are some of our favorite Dr. Seuss quotes to help get you started.

13. A Nod to Social Media

There’s no denying that social media apps have played a large part in many of our students’ day-to-day lives. Choosing a yearbook theme that acknowledges this will poke friendly fun at the apps that they’ve spent so much time on, while reminding them even if they’ve Snapchatted a lot of photos, the ones in the yearbook are the ones that will last.

Source: Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

14. Celebrating Future Travels

Travel and journeys are common yearbook themesand for good reason. The class that is graduating (and the underclassmen as well) have been on a journey together. They’ve grown up, learned and explored, and are now facing the next chapter of their lives. Celebrate this experience with a yearbook theme using quotes and designs that remind them of how far they’ve gone already and all the exciting adventures still to come.

15. Fun with Animals

There’s a reason animal photos and videos dominate social media: Students love them! You can find so many great (and funny) animal photos out there on stock sites. Or have your students gather photos for the school! You don’t have to give the animals center stage, but using a photo here and there or along the bottoms of pages can really make for a fun, engaging yearbook experience.