Registering and Logging In

What should I do first?

1. Log in to
2. Click on the "General" tab and select your theme
3. Click on the "Users" tab, add your users and choose their roles.
4. Click on the "Sections" tab and add your cover and sections. A minimum of 20 pages must be assigned before you can begin to edit your yearbook.
5. Click on the "Check Out" button and then on the "Edit" button. Now you can start designing your yearbook.

I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

Please check with your project leader or staff administrator. If you are a project leader or staff administrator, you will need to contact our support staff.

Is there a cost to create an account?

There is no cost to create an account.  If you wish to set up a test book to test the functionality of our site, please contact our support staff.

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Managing Your Project

Do I have a deadline date?

Your Deadline Date is set based on your specified delivery date. If you did not specify a date, we will choose a date based on your type of project and the expectation of a spring delivery. The person who has the Project Leader Role can change the deadline date on the general view tab.

As a Project Leader, how can I change my deadline date?

Yes! You can change your yearbook submit date at any time.
Go to the “General” tab.
Select the drop-down menu “Expected due date.”
Choose the date you would like to submit your book.

What does it mean to Check In/Check Out a yearbook section?

To design pages in a yearbook section that has been assigned to you, you must “Check Out” a yearbook section. While you have a section checked out, you are the only one that can edit that section. Once you are finished editing a section, you will then need to “Check In” the section. The concept is similar to going to the library and checking out a book. Once you are through reading it, you bring the book back to the library the book and check it back in.

Who assigns sections?

Project Leaders, Staff Admin, and Editors can create users and assign sections. To learn more about roles, view our Permissions for Each Role graph.

What do "Contracted", "Estimated" and "Actual Pricing" mean on the General Tab?

"Contracted" is the price we originally quoted and used to set up the project.

"Estimated" allows you to input a page count on the left side of the screen to see how your price would change based on the number of pages. You can also change the "Estimated # of books" amount to see how it would affect the total. You must click the "save" button to see the updated price estimate.
"Actual" is the price based on the actual number of pages in the project at that moment. 

You can see the original contract price, any estimated price you would like to calculate, and the actual book price as you work on your project keeping you aware of cost changes at all times. 

What does "Project Status" mean?

The status of your project can be "in process" or "closed". In process projects are available for you or other team members to edit.  If a project is closed, no one can make changes to the project.

Do I need to save my work?

Yes. Any time you are working on a page in a section, you should periodically "Save" the page/section.  When you attempt to leave a page or section, you will be prompted to "Save" any changes.  Unsaved changes will disappear if you exit a section without saving.

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What are my payment options?

Credit Card: When you are ready, you can create your final order, pay online by credit card, and have your order in productions within minutes.
Open Account Invoice: If your organization would prefer to be invoiced for the balance of your order, you can qualify in one of two ways:
1. Submit a valid Purchase Order on our organizations' official letterhead. Your PO should cover:
a. The full Discounted Subtotal, as shown on the Deposit/PO Request form.
b. Statements to cover requested Program Changes as well as added Shipping and Applicable State Sales Tax.
i. “To include customer-requested additions per your Agreement #XXXXX-XXXXX
ii. “To include Shipping and Applicable State Sales Tax added to the Final Invoice.”
2. Submit a Deposit in the amount of 50% of your original Quote/Agreement in the amount of $XXX.XX
Please note, your PO or Deposit should be received by our offices at least one week prior to your final order submission through the online Checkout process. All open account invoicing/billing is subject to credit approval by Remember Me.

Do you require a deposit?

No deposit is required if you intend to pay in full by credit card at checkout. If you want to be invoiced Remember Me™ requires a down payment of 50% of your estimated production costs before your yearbook goes to press. You will receive this deposit request several weeks before you submit your order based on your desired delivery date. A final invoice for your account balance will follow the shipment of your completed Yearbooks. Your final payment will be due 20 days from your final invoice date.

What is a purchase order?

A purchase order is an official contract between a buyer and seller—in this case, between your school and Remember Me. A purchase order, or PO, is generally obtained by the  accounts payable  or  business office  of a school or institution. In the PO, the buyer specifies the products or services that the seller will provide. The prices on the PO are to be agreed upon by the seller before the PO is generated. Some schools do require to have a W9 on file from us. If you need it, email us a request, and we can email it to you in seconds.

What is your invoicing process?

  1. Once your order has been Acknowledged by Remember Me, you will receive a separate Deposit -PO Request Form via email.
  2. The school collects yearbook payments and keeps a record of who has purchased a yearbook.
  3. Upon receipt of your Purchase Order or Deposit, and subject to final credit approval by Remember Me, your Project will be marked for open account checkout with no credit card payment required.
  4. At least one week prior to your final order submission through the online checkout process. All open account invoicing/billing is subject to credit approval by Remember Me.
  5. A final invoice for your account balance will follow the shipment of your completed yearbooks. Your final payment will be due 20 days from your final invoice date.

Final Invoice: Final Invoice will be sent at the time of shipment for the full order amount, to include all customer requested product or quantity adjustments, less the stated discount percentage, any deposits received and will include applicable shipping and state sales tax.  If your organization is sales tax exempt, please provide a copy of your Tax Exemption Certificate prior to order placement.


How do I purchase my yearbooks once the book has been designed?

  1. Once you are finished designing your book, we highly suggest you generate a proof. This can be completed by clicking the “Generate Proof” button. Please take the time to carefully review spelling, grammar, duplicate images, and alignment of photos. We also recommend getting a second set of eyes to proof the proofer.
  2. Click the “Approve” button. This will confirm that you have examined every aspect of your book. It does not mean it has been submitted for printing.
  3. If you have changed your mind after you have clicked the “Approve” button, you can always “Un-Approve.” This will allow you to make additional edits in the designer.
  4. Once you are ready to move forward with your yearbook, click the “Purchase” button.
  5. This will direct you to the check out screen and allow you to add your shipping address, confirm your quantities and pay for your book.
  6. Once you have completed the checkout, you will then receive a confirmation email letting you know that your project has been ordered.


Can parents and students order their yearbooks directly through your company?

No. Yearbooks can only be ordered online from the customer account.  You may place as many orders as you like, and there are no minimums, so you can order 1 book or 1000!

Do you accept purchase orders?

Purchase orders can be accepted for verified organizations. Your original contract will need to include verifiable school or organization information. Once a credit check has been completed, your project will be marked for acceptance of a P.O. and invoicing, net 20 days, for the balance of your program. Please contact customer service with any questions.

If I do not finish a project, will I be charged for it?

No. As long as your project has not been submitted as an order, no charges are incurred. If an order has been placed and cancellation is requested, you will be responsible for any actual production work completed to the date you cancelled the order.

Our school prefers to pay by check. How do I send you a check payment?

If you have been approved for acceptance of a P.O. or invoicing for the balance of the order, checks can be mailed to Remember Me, 10501 Rhode Island Ave, Beltsville, MD 20705. Please include your user name and order# with the payment.

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Personalization Options

What personalization options are available?

Personalized covers with a name or picture will be available in future updates. We will notify all users as new features are brought online.

We'd like to feature our school colors throughout the book. Can we use specific colors for our text and backgrounds?

A full spectrum color chart is available when making your color choices. Simply remember the color settings for use each time to have consistency throughout your pages. Share the settings with other users.

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Technical Requirements

Does your site work on iPads and tablets?

Our site uses HTML5. That means it works well on iPads and tablets, as well as desktops. Because of screen size, it is not recommended to design pages on a phone.

What browser should I use?

Most current browsers work great with our site.  Internet Explorer can be a problem, particularly older versions of IE. Because of that, we recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Will I need to download any additional software to use your program?

No, complete functionality is included online.  You do not need to have Flash. You will need to have a PDF reader to see a proof.

Do you have any help videos available?

New help videos will be available on our site as they are created. New topics will continually be added. Please check back frequently.

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Artwork and Design Themes

Can I use my own backgrounds for page designs?

User created backgrounds can be uploaded in the same manner as any other images if they are the proper size.  We highly recommend you create an album just for these large background files.  Optimum Image Size:  8.75" X 11.25" at 300 dpi (2,625 X 3,375 pixels). Minimum Required Size: 4.375" X 5.625" (1,312 X 1,687 pixels). Critical Content Area: within the full size image of 8.75" X 11.25", allow 3/4" (0.75") margin on all four sides that should not contain critical content (faces, etc.). Image Placement: When placing your background make sure you keep your image in the original aspect ratio (do not stretch the image) and place the image so the image edge is slightly outside the full page size (off the page) on all four sides. This is to allow the image to be trimmed to the edge as a "bleed edge".

Can I use my own clip art in my project?

Clip art can be uploaded to the site in the same manner that you would upload any other image. After you have uploaded your clip art, you can place it on a page and use it as desired, subject only to the original image resolution/size limitations.

Do you offer design services for the yearbook?

No. Your yearbook is totally customized by you and your yearbook group. If you are new to designing, you can download our comprehensive Getting Started Guide to get started. For more design ideas browse our themes.

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Using the Design Tools

Where can I find steps on creating sections, flowing classes onto pages, and using design tools?

Everything you need to know about designing your book can be found in our comprehensive step-by-step Getting Started Guide.

What is the difference between the Cover section and page 1 in the designer?

The Cover section is an actual section on your book that just gives you access to the front and back cover. Page 1 in the guts of the book is the first page on the right side.

Can I Copy and Paste into the designer?

Yes! You can copy from Microsoft Word and paste the text into a text box in the designer.

How do I make shapes in the designer?

The easiest way to make all kinds of shapes is to browse our Clip Art library and find something in the shape you want. Drag it into the book and then go to the Tools tab. Use the Fill Color option to fill your Clip Art shape with whatever color you want!

What if I want to change my yearbook theme?

Warning: changing your Project Theme will cause all of your content to be removed. If you still want to change your theme, it can be done by clicking the Theme button on the General tab. Choose a new theme, and then you’ll be asked to type in CHANGE to confirm you wish to reset your project.
Another option may be to just change your cover design. You can choose another pre-made cover design by Editing your Cover Section and then opening up the Stock Art tab. Click on Layouts, and you can choose from all of the pre-made cover designs!

How do I access a section/page when the "section in use" warning is displayed?

You can divide your book into sections that can then be assigned to team members. Multiple team members assigned the staff or editor roles can work on the book at the same timejust not on the same section/pages at the same time. If you have a staff admin or project leader role, you have the authority to take over the section that is currently in use. Team members with an editor or staff role have to wait until the section is no longer in use to work on it.

How do I change the color of a piece of clipart?

1. Choose your piece of clip art and drag it to your page.
2. Click on the "Tools" tab
3. With your clip art selected still selected, click on the "Fill Color" dropdown menu and choose a color.
4. Click on the "Apply" button.

How do I make a solid color background?

1. Select the pages on which you would like to create the solid color background.
2. Click on the "Tools" tab.
3. Click on the "Fill Color" dropdown menu and choose a color.
4. Click on the "Apply" button.

How do I add a border to a photo?

1. Select your photo, then drag and drop it on to the page.
2. Click on the "Tools" tab.
3. Click on the "Photo Border" dropdown menu and choose your color.
4. Click on the "Apply" button.
4. Adjust the border thickness by moving the slider bar toward the (-) or (+) icon.

How do I change the color of a border?

When flowing your student photos, you can select to have borders around each photo. When you first select to have borders, they will default to black. You can open the color selector and choose any color for the border.

How do I turn gridlines on and off?

When working within the designer, you will see “Hide Grid” at the bottom of your page. Clicking on that removes the grid from your page. You can then click “Show Grid” to make the grid reappear. If turned off, the grid will be turned back on the next time you edit your project.

What does the "low resolution" warning mean?

A small yellow triangle with a black exclamation point in the middle will appear on the upper left of an image when it is below our recommended resolution. An image below our recommended resolution has the potential to print poorly on the final product. If you have enlarged the image, making it smaller can improve the resolution. Try to work with images in their original size to obtain the best quality reproduction.

How do I add a text box?

When in the design tool, click on the left tab titled "Text" and then click on the "ADD TEXT BLOCK" button. Two boxes will appear. One will be directly below the button and the other will appear in the design. You can write your text in either place.  You can move the text in the design using your mouse (PC) or finger (tablet).  You can make the text box bigger by moving the grey corners. If you put your cursor on the dot above the text box, you can rotate the text.   Also, with the text selected, at the bottom of the page, you can adjust the font type and size, the text color and the alignment.

How do I correct student or teacher names?

Go to the "Photos" tab within the management section. Click on the student or teacher you want to edit and then select "Modify". A pop-up will appear. From there, you can edit the name. In addition, you can edit the photo, make it active or inactive, change the type (student, teacher or non-teacher staff) and the grade.  If the photos have already been flowed into the yearbook, you will need to re-flow the pages in order for the changes to take effect.

How do I modify the style of text in a text box?

With the text selected, at the bottom of the page, you can adjust the font type and size, the text color and the alignment.

How do I rotate images, text or clipart?

If you put your cursor on the dot above the box containing the element, a rotate symbol will appear. You can then use your cursor to rotate the element.

How do I move pages?

Pages can only officially be moved within the same section. If you need pages moved between sections, it is possible, but tricky.
Moving pages within the same section:
1. Edit the section that contains the page you want to move.
2. Once the book loads, hit the "Preview Book" tab above the book.
3. You will now see the entire book in thumbnail form.
4. You can drag any pages within the section you are editing to another part of the same section.
5. As you drag the pages, you will see a vertical line indicating where the pages will go. Place them where you want.
6. When complete, you can click on the "Design Pages" tab to go back to editing your book, or you can click on the "Save" button below the pages to save your work and continue or exit.
Note: If you are moving any portrait pages that were flowed together, they will be moved as a single group.
Moving pages within different sections:
As mentioned, this is not technically possible within the software, but there is a work around if needed. This only works for non-portrait pages.
1. Make sure you have checked out the section with the page you want to move as well as the section where you want the page to go.
2. Edit the section that contains the page you want to move.
3. Click on an element on the page (e.g. text box or photo).
4. Hold CTRL (on PC) or Command (on Mac) and then click on a second element on the page.
5. Continue holding CTRL or Command and clicking on elements until everything on the page is selected.
6. Now you will copy these elements. On your keyboard, use either CTRL+C (PC) or Command+C (Mac). Now the contents are copied.
7. Without exiting the book, navigate to the page where you want to move this content.
8. Click on the page to ensure it is selected.
9. On your keyboard, click CTRL+V (PC) or Command+V (Mac). This will place all of the contents you copied on the page.
10. Before clicking on anything, use the arrows on your keyboard to move the contents as a single group. This will help ensure everything is placed where you want it.
11. When complete, you can click on the page to deselect the elements.
12. Repeat for any other pages you need moved between sections.

How do I delete photos?

To protect the integrity of your photos, we have made deleting them a multi-step process. There are two kinds of photos (portraits and candids) and each has its own method:
How to delete portrait photos:

Note. You do not have to delete a photo to prevent it from being used. Instead, you can double-click on the photo and un-check the "Active" button. Once you save, it will prevent the photo from appearing in flowed portraits.
1. On the Photos page, make sure you are on the "Portraits" tab.
2. Hit the "Grade" button and create a new Grade called "Delete" (or any other name of your choosing).
3. Now, locate a photo you wish to delete.
4. Double-click on the photo.
5. Change the grade to "Delete".
6. Hit the "Save" button.
7. This has moved the photo to the new "Delete" grade. Continue this process with any other portraits you wish to delete.
8. Once you have completed moving portraits, you can hit the "Delete" link next to the name of the album with these photos. This will move them into the "Unsorted" folder.
9. In the "Unsorted" folder, hit delete next to "MY Unsorted Portraits". This will permanently delete the photos.

How to delete candid photos:
1. Candid images can only be deleted an entire album at a time. If you wish to delete an entire album, you can quickly hit the "Delete" link next to the name of the album.
2. If you want to only delete a few of the photos, first click the "Album" button and create a new album. In this example, let's called it "Deleted Photos".
3. Now, go to the album that has the photos you want to delete.
4. Once there, drag the photos from the left side to the "Deleted Photos" album listed on the right.
5. As you drag photos, they will be moved from one album to the other.
6. When you have dragged all photos you want deleted into the new album, click "Delete" next to the name "Deleted Photos". This will permanently delete these photos.

How to duplicate portraits?

If you need to have a portrait appear in two groups (e.g. a teacher needing to be in the Staff section as well as their own class), here's how you can set that up:
1. Go the "Photos" tab of your project.
2. You will see all of your portraits. Go to the Grade/Class where the person you want to duplicate is.
3. Double-click on the portrait and the details will appear.
4. Check the box at the bottom to "Save as Copy".
5. Now, change the details for where you want the copy to be saved (e.g. changing the Grade from "Staff" to "1st Grade").
6. You can also change the type of portrait it is in case you need the person to be listed as a teacher in their class.
7. When complete, hit "Save" and the photo will now be in both groups of portraits.

How to deactivate portraits?

If you have a portrait you no longer need, you can deactivate so it will not appear in the flow of portraits.
1. Go the Photos tab of your project.
2. Find the portrait in your Grades/Classes.
3. Double-click on the portrait to make the portrait details appear.
4. Un-check the box next to "Active".
5. Hit the "Save" button.
6. This will prevent the photo from being a part of your flow.

How to change a deadline date?

Remember, deadline dates are only suggested! They're available to help you stay on your schedule, but you can place your order at any time before or after! If you want to change the due date of your project, here's how:
1. Go the General tab of your project.
2. Towards the middle of the screen, you will see an "Expected Due Date" field. Click on the little picture of a calendar next to the date.
3. Choose any date you want in the future.
4. Hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

How do I add page numbers to my book?

After selecting your project’s Theme, you will then have the option of adding page numbers. They can be added from the General tab or from within the project. When selecting your page numbers, you can choose from a variety of styles. These can help your page numbers match your book’s theme or help the numbers stand out from background. For example, if a black number is on a black background, you might want to change the color. Experiment and see what works for you!

How to change your Estimated # of Books

Your project has a field for the estimated number of books you expect to order. This is just an estimate and is provided to give you an idea of how much your order will ultimately cost. If you want to see how much it would be to order fewer or additional copies, you can always change this number.
1. Go the General tab of your project.
2. Towards the middle of the screen, you will see an "Estimated # of books" field. Project managers can change this number to whatever you want.
3. Once the number has been changed, hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.
4. Now you can see how your estimated total (found to the right) has updated to reflect your new estimated number of books.

How to change your page count

When your project is first created, we set it up for however many pages you tell us. If you find you need the project to be smaller or larger, you can always change the number of pages for your project.
1. Go the General tab of your project.
2. Towards the middle of the screen, you will see an "Estimated # of pages". You can change the number to whatever you want (see note below).
3. If you are lowering the number of pages in your project, your project must not have more pages already created than the number you're changing to. For example, if you want to change your project from 32 pages to 24 pages, you must not have created 28 pages of content yet. If you have, just delete those pages/sections from your project first and then change this number.
4. Once you have changed the number how you wish, hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.
NOTE: All books must have at least 20 pages. Saddle stich books must have a page count divisible by 4. Perfect bound and hardcover books must have a page count divisible by 2.

How do I move portrait pages?

To move portrait pages, first click on the “Preview Book” tab at the top of the Designer. Now you should see all of the pages of your book in thumbnail form. If you have chosen to use Section Colors, you will also see them applied to the pages in your book. You can move both Candid and Portrait pages by dragging from their starting point to where you want them to be. Portrait pages will be moved in one group based on how you originally flowed them. Please note: you can only move pages within the same section.

How to duplicate portraits?

If you need to have a portrait appear in two groups (e.g. a teacher needing to be in the Staff section as well as their own class), here's how you can set that up:
1. Go the "Photos" tab of your project.
2. You will see all of your portraits. Go to the Grade/Class where the person you want to duplicate is.
3. Double-click on the portrait and the details will appear.
4. Check the box at the bottom to "Save as Copy".
5. Now, change the details for where you want the copy to be saved (e.g. changing the Grade from "Staff" to "1st Grade").
6. You can also change the type of portrait it is in case you need the person to be listed as a teacher in their class.
7. When complete, hit "Save" and the photo will now be in both groups of portraits.

How to deactivate portraits?

If you have a portrait you no longer need, you can deactivate so it will not appear in the flow of portraits.
1. Go the Photos tab of your project.
2. Find the portrait in your Grades/Classes.
3. Double-click on the portrait to make the portrait details appear.
4. Un-check the box next to "Active".
5. Hit the "Save" button.
6. This will prevent the photo from being a part of your flow.

How to re-flow photos?

If you make any changes to portraits you've already flowed into your project, you will get a warning telling you the group of photos needs to be re-flowed. changes might include changing the spelling of someone's name or moving someone from one Grade/Class to another. Re-flowing the photos ensures your changes are added to the book.
To re-flow your photos, follow these steps:
1. Check out and Edit the section containing the photos you need to re-flow.
2. Go to the page containing these photos.
3. Click on the page to make sure you've selected the right page.
4. Above the pages, click the link to "Deselect All".
5. Now, below the book, look for a link that reads "Edit Student Pages". Click it.
6. The flowing tool will appear. If all you are doing is re-flowing, just click on the "Generate" button. That takes care of everything.
7. The page will refresh and your changes will take effect.
8. You can save and exit. Once you do, you'll see the warning has disappeared.

How to approve and order your project?

When you are ready to order your project, here's how:
1. First, make sure you have reviewed a proof of your project. You can request a digital proof by hitting the Generate Proof" button on the "General" tab of your project.
2. Next, make sure all of your sections have been checked in. The site will not allow you to order if sections are checked out because it could mean someone is still working on the project. You tell if your sections are checked in if you see the "Settings" button for each section.
3. On the "General" tab, hit the "Approve" button. This locks the project.
4. You will first see a confirmation message. It will ask you to confirm you have proofed your project and that you agree to the site's terms and conditions. Check those boxes and hit the "Approve" button.
5. You may see a warning at this point. If you see a warning box saying there are photos you have not included in the project, check the FAQ for The "Missing in yearbook" warning. If you see a red warning indicating that you have an image not filled in, see the FAQ for The "A required image has not been filled in" warning. 6. If you do not see any warnings, the "General" tab will refresh. Instead of an "Approve" button, you will now see a "Purchase" button. Press this to proceed through the checkout process and place your order!

The "Missing in yearbook" warning

When you approve your project, you may get a warning that some photos are missing from the yearbook. This warning refers to any grade or class portraits you have not flowed into the project. It's possible you used these photos manually, dragging them onto the pages, and didn't flow them the traditional way. If so, you're good to go! If you haven't, you can use this warning as a reminder to make sure you've flowed all of the photos you wanted into your project.
If you are sure your project is ready and you do not need those photos, feel free to hit the "Continue" button to bypass this warning.

The "A required image has not been filled in" warning

When you approve your project, you may get a red warning indicating that a required image has not been filled in. This refers to a gray photo space on one of your pages which has not had a photo added to it. These photo spaces come from our pre-made layouts, allowing you to drag and drop photos to be automatically cropped to a specific shape.
Here's an example of the warning:
Section: Second Grade Page Number: 16 A required image has not been filled in.
This means that page 16, which is found in the section titled "Second Grade", has an unfilled gray photo pocket. To correct this, check out and edit the "Second Grade" section and go to page 16.
Once there, look for the gray photo space. You can drag one of your photos into this space to fill it, or you can click on the space and hit the Delete key on your keyboard to remove it.
It's possible the gray photo pocket may be hidden. You may have dragged other content over top of it. Dig around until you find it and then deal with it as you wish. Once you're done, save and exit from the project, check your project back in, and try approving again. You should be good to go now!

What does the "page layout" tool do?

The page layouts are available in the yearbook designer. They are under the "Stock Art" tab on the upper left side of the designer. Click on "layouts" and then simply drag the layout of your choice onto the page you are designing. These layout templates help you arrange candid photos and text on the page, ensuring that these elements are lined up and look professional. If you do not want to use a particular photo space in a layout, you need to delete it. These layouts cannot be applied to pages that include portraits.

You are not required to use layouts on your pages. You can place photos, as well as text and clip art, wherever you like on a page. Be sure to explore the "backgrounds" and "clip art" tools that are also under the "Stock Art" tab. If you click on "backgrounds", the backgrounds that match your theme will appear. You may view all other backgrounds by clicking on the "back" link. If you click on "clip art", the clip art that matches your theme will appear. All the other categories of clip art will be listed below the matching clip art.

What are the blue and red lines in the design tool?

The blue line is the safety margin. No critical content should be outside of this line. The red line is the trim margin indicating where the page bleeds. When the books are produced, the pages will be trimmed at the red line.

You should expand the background beyond the Red line on all sides of the entire work surface, but keep any vital content such as names or faces within the Blue line.

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Do I need to worry about copyrighted content?

Yes, you are responsible for all content that is included in your yearbook project including securing the copyrights to any trademarks or licensed images. Remember Me is not responsible for the content that is in your publication.

To learn more about copyright and trademark laws, view a PDF of the Top 20 questions put together by the Student Press Law Center.

What if I still have more questions regarding copyrighted content?

For more information about copyright issues contact:

Student Press Law Center
1101 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1100
Arlington, VA 22209-2275
Telephone: 703.807.1904 

When in doubt it is always best to check with a qualified attorney.

Student Data

Will I need to re-create or re-flow a student section after I have added a student or corrected a name?


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How do I upload photos?

Please request a PSPA file from your school photographer and then follow the steps outlined in the Getting Started Guide or watch a video.

I uploaded my photos, and they look great to me, but there is a resolution warning on them. What does that mean?

The resolution warning means that this particular image may not look perfect when it’s printed at this size. It can appear if you take a small photo and try to stretch it to a large size. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the photo, but keep in mind it may look a little blocky or pixelated. Also, rest assured the warning will not be printed in the book!

Can I upload photos without a PSPA?

You can upload all of your class photos individually, but we recommend using a PSPA.  If you don’t have one, you can create one following these simple steps. (hyperlink “these single steps” to a pdf of instructions on creating a PSPA.
If you still wish to upload student portraits without using a PSPA file, it can be done.
First, head to the Photos tab. Once you are there, create the different folders for grades or classes you’ll need. Once you have those in place, you can then upload photos individually to each folder. You will be able to add photo data as you upload each one. Once the photos are flowed into the project, they’ll look just like ones uploaded with a PSPA file!
This is also a neat way to add individual students or teachers that weren’t included in a PSPA file!

Many parents at my school have pictures they'd like to share for the yearbook. Do you provide an area for anyone to upload photos for our project?

We recommend that only authorized users contribute content. All submissions of images for a yearbook project should be coordinated through the yearbook adviser for content. Please contact them directly.

What if we want to include popular images from current social media in a ''Year In Review' section, for instance? Are there any copyright restrictions if we limit distribution to our school community?

Yes. All images derived from a news source are normally under copyright and the rights to use the images should be secured from the source. Only images clearly defined or marked as "Public Domain" or "Royalty Free" may be used without consent under certain circumstances. Certain restrictions may still apply so it is always best to check with the source.

If I crop a photo in the designer, will it be saved this way on the site?

Yes. When you crop a photo, the cropped version of the photo will be saved on the page on which it has been placed. The original version of the image will be available to use again from its original location.

Is there a limit to the number of photos I can upload?

Currently, there is no limit except for the time you want to spend uploading images or managing a large number of images online. We highly recommend you narrow your image selections prior to uploading. This will save you a great deal of time uploading and then sorting your images online.

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Yearbook Team Access

Is there a role that would allow someone to view the project but not be able to edit It?

Yes. The role of Proofer can only view the sections and pages.

If I want to invite someone to join my project, will they need to create an account?

Yes. When you invite someone to join your project, they will receive an email directing them to register before they can join your project. If the person being invited does not have an email address or does not wish to use it, the project leader will be sent the email. Once this person has registered, they will be added to your team.

Can more than one person work on one section?

More than one person can be assigned to work on the same section, but only one person may work on the section at once. This prevents work from not being properly saved. If someone has checked a section out and it is locked, most users will have to wait until the section is checked back in before editing it. If you are a Project Leader or Staff Admin, you can break the lock of another user and check the section out yourself. Beware: if you do this while they are working on it, they will not be able to save their work.

We would like to have a center spread in our yearbook. How can we do this?

True center spreads only occur at specific page positions within a book depending on the binding type selected.  Even so, the binding selected may take up a slight margin in the middle (gutter) of the two-page spread.  Two-page spreads should be cut exactly in half and uploaded and placed as two full page images on the two desired opposing pages. Full page images should measure 8.75" X 11.25" at 300 dpi (2,625 X 3,375 pixels). IMPORTANT: When taking a picture to be used as a two-page spread, you should make sure that the middle of the image does not contain critical content. If it is a group shot, you should actually split the group into two groups with a space in the middle so no one in the picture disappears in the gutter area of the spread.

How do I assign colors to a section?

When adding sections to your project, you have the option of assigning a color to the section. This option will be above the list of users you can assign to the section. This color identification can help you keep track of which pages belong to which sections when working in the designer. It can be used to determine which pages are within the section you have been assigned to.

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Do I need to proof my yearbook?

Yes, final proofreading of all copy is the responsibility of the customer. Recruiting several people to proofread will help eliminate misspellings and other errors. A member of the school staff should also complete a final reading for approval of all content. Remember Me™ is not responsible for the editorial content of your publication. Your yearbook will be a permanent representation of your school. It is up to you to make sure it serves your school well!

Can I generate more than one proof?

Yes! You can generate as many proofs as you need to ensure your yearbook is just right!

Can I print a proof of my order?

If you are a project leader, you can generate a proof. Go to the General tab. On the right, you will see a button to generate a proof. If can take five minutes to up to a few hours for us to generate the proof. When it is ready, we will send you an email with a link to the proof.  It is rendered as a PDF with 50% resolution. Because it is at 50%, things will not be as sharp as they will be in the final product.

Can I have a proof book printed before placing my order?

Yes. The price per copy for your yearbook is determined by the number of pages and the binding type selected and not the final quantity of books ordered. The price for a proof book is the same as the price per copy for your final order. To order a proof book, please contact customer service.

I requested a proof, and I have not received it.

For a proof to be sent, a valid email address must be provided. If you have not received your emailed proof, please check your spam or junk mail folder to ensure it wasn’t accidentally received there.

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Multiple Projects & Student Data

Can I create more than one yearbook project?

Yes! You will need to sign and return a pricing agreement for each yearbook project you create.  More than one yearbook project can be in the same account.

I uploaded some photos for one project. Can I transfer them to another project?

Uploaded images are only available for the project to which they were uploaded. To use the same images for a different project, please upload your images directly to your new project.

Will I need to re-create or re-flow a student section after I have added a student or corrected a name?



How long will it take to get my yearbooks once I order them?

Once your order is submitted, production can take up to 5 business days, and shipping will take up to 5 business days.  You can expect your yearbooks by the 10th business day after you’ve placed your order.

Do you offer expedited shipping options?

Yes. Our normal shipping is via UPS Ground to the contiguous U.S. Upgraded shipping to 2nd Day or Overnight is available but can be very expensive for larger sized orders. Costs vary depending on final order size, number of boxes and weights, along with the delivery zone. Once your order size has been determined, estimates can be provided. Our best recommendation: Take advantage of our fast delivery time. Submit your final order in time to allow just 10 business days for delivery.

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Late Orders

I missed the ordering deadline at my school and would like to purchase a yearbook for my child.
How can I do this?

You will need to contact your school and speak with your yearbook adviser (the project owner). Individual orders cannot be submitted without confirmation from the project owner.

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Mailing List

I received a sales flyer from you and would like to be removed from your mailing list. Who do I need to contact?

Please call Customer Service toll free at 800.587.4470 or send an email to with your school name, city and state information. Your name will be removed from all subsequent mailings for the current school year.

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